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Welcome to the Blog of Wizard Ayush…“I am the STAR of my SHOW and will direct my own MOVIE of LIFE.”

 Hello everyone, I am ‘Digital Wizard Ayush’ and I am a Blogger and a Vlogger. Seems something weird or something familiar? I know, to many it sounds weird and to many of us, it’s familiar. This is what is technology all about today and thus, instead of saying I am Ayush Chopra, I mostly prefer to say, “I am Digital Wizard Ayush.

David Amerland, the great orator once said:

“Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the world lacks; it gives us immediacy, direction and value as an individual.”

I feel it is very true. I found the DIGITAL world as the greatest source of learning. I found huge potential to explore and discover, I felt the zeal developing in myself to invent something new. If, being digital can help us in being open to the whole world by the click of a single button ‘upload’ on YouTube, it really makes terrific sense and means much to me and of course I believe, to anyone. Who doesn’t want to share ideas and to be famous?

Being digital, tells you- “Don’t buy media, be the media.”

If you believe in yourself, if you believe you have developed skills and are confident enough to play; just don’t wait, hit the floor right away and hit it hard. There is a great audience in this huge world waiting to learn, appreciate and share your ideas to make them benefitted, simultaneously benefitting you in terms of name & fame and enormous publicity. You don’t have to be judged by anyone to approve your performance to make it live, but you yourself is the judge of yourself and can upload your caliber to be understood and applauded. To send right message in a right way to the society. To invent something new and make the whole world know about it. That is what true success is, a success by right means with no sources to be asked for references or help, with no shortcuts. It’s just like directly ‘plug & play.’

Earlier the common questions were, where we can come across to such large audience? I am not a celebrity. I have not performed on any public stage. Even if I try and try to deliver a performance, I need to advertise by ‘n’ number of means involving huge finances and moreover, will there be any viewers for sure who will come to watch me. Again, even if they come, how many will appreciate me? How many will give me an honest feedback? And as many of us by now have already guessed, the answer is Social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are all what…. But the means to share your thoughts to millions looking forward to hear some such ideas from the people like us, from the people like them.

Zoe Barnes also said“These days when you talk to one person, you are talking to a thousand.”

That’s what I have learnt and tried to share in a couple of months as per my understanding on various global issues, which I felt very important & sensitive ones too. I have recorded myself on a few of them like ‘Anti-bullying’, promoting Girl education- ‘Aaj main aasha bo aayi’, ‘Life of Teenagers’, ‘GST’ (Goods & Service Tax) and ‘A little story about me’, ‘We don’t have any other planet to live.

I think these videos are just the beginning of the understanding of the social issues by the kids like us in India, not only in theories but in practical aspects too. When we read about a performance, we think it but when we perform ourselves, we really feel and mean it.

Our honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi at Silicon Valley on 26th September 2015 said-

“I see Technology as a means to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between Hope & Opportunity.

 Social Media is reducing social barriers. It connects people on the strength of human values, not identities.”

I go with it. Do you?…

 – Wizard Ayush


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